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Family Moving from Texas to New York Accepting Bids for Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity

The Power of Social Media:  Thousands of People Flock to Recently Launched Website as Viral Buzz is Created on Facebook and Twitter


There are two undeniable trends that exist in our society today.  The first is that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook make it possible for news to spread around the world in a matter of minutes.  The second is that companies are always looking for new ways to help their brand stand out amongst the virtually endless marketing messages that people experience on a daily basis.  According to founder Adam Waldman, it is almost impossible to find an exclusive, one-of-a-kind branding opportunity, let alone one with the added component of being a human interest story.

The family moving from Texas to New York will have both of their full-size sedans wrapped with the sponsor’s message as they follow each other across the country.

As planned, the weeklong trip will originate in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and make stops in Tulsa, St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Canton before arriving in New York City.  Scheduled high-visibility events include:  three Major League Baseball Games, a Minor League Baseball game, a day at an aquarium and a day at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The family will wear the sponsor’s branded apparel at all times while appearing in public.

“Interstate moves can be very costly, and traveling for several hours at a time with kids in the car can be quite a challenge,” says Waldman (a former real estate agent).  “Breaking up a move by making it into a sightseeing adventure gives kids something to look forward to and families the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime.”

Video footage, photos and blog entries on will be provided daily to the sponsor to use in their promotional efforts, in addition to several Facebook and Twitter mentions throughout the trip.

About offers exclusive sponsorships to companies looking for a unique way to deliver their marketing message to the masses.

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If you would like more information about this opportunity, please call Adam Waldman at 817-676-4317 or e-mail

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